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Band Director's Expectations

Steve Panoff, Band Director

Download WHS Band Course Expectations



It is really important that we stay in touch. My current e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Do not hesitate to write and say hello or call me if you have questions.


  • Students are expected to attend all after school rehearsals for ensembles in which they participate. A schedule of events will be given out well in advance. Work schedules should he adjusted accordingly.
  • Excused and unexcused absences/tardies will be determined by the guidelines outlined in the school attendance policy. Students should bring excuse notes for any absences or tardies. If a student has a conflict, they should make arrangements with the director before hand.
  • Remember, that ALL practices and performances are part of your grade. If there are any conflicts with a scheduled event or practice, you must inform the director. ONLY the director will excuse absences.
  • If you are thinking of scheduling something, just check with me first to avoid issues. A schedule of band camp and marching dates are enclosed. We will rehearse on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon and Wednesday evening for marching band.
  • The concert schedule will follow a similar pattern, except each band will rehearse on a particular day of the week.


  • Students are expected to participate in daily rehearsals.
  • Students are expected to practice at home on a regular basis.
  • Students should try to secure private instruction, if possible.
  • Students will be on time to class and conduct themselves in an orderly, musical fashion.
  • Students should respect themselves, their peers, instructors, and the band facility.
  • Students will attend all performances.
  • Wind Symphony students are encouraged to audition for Regional Orchestra (info at www.vboda.org).
  • Wind Symphony and Symphonic band students are required to audition for all district hand, participate in marching band, and participate in solo and ensemble.
  • Concert Band Students are required to participate in solo and ensemble and are highly encouraged to participate in marching band.
  • Students are expected to work hard and enthusiastically to achieve their highest level of musical potential.
  • Students are expected to have FUN!!


  • Participate in your child’s music education.
  • Support your child’s music education.
  • Volunteer.
  • Come to all Booster Meetings.
  • Come to all performances.
  • Support the band director and communicate if there are issues.
  • Parents are expected to have FUN too!!!