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4700 Stonecroft Blvd., Chantilly VA 20151
Activities Hotline: 703.488.7500

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Reviews from the Students


"Band has changed my life. It gives me a passion for music that I never had before. I’ve made so many amazing friends and had some crazy fun times here. It sets you apart from the rest in a good way. Choosing band was one of my better choices in life" ~Shanna
"Band enriches your life...you can get real good

Friends...yeah!!" ~Dan

"I think you should do band because you will make a lot of friends throughout the 4 years that you will have your whole life" ~ Katie

"It is a privilege to be in the WHS Band program. You can learn how to play different instruments. You also will make a lot of friends from band. You will feel at home" ~ Mike

"Band is where I met all my friends. I went to Europe this summer with a band and I met so many people and made so many friends from different schools in the area. One of them is Russian." ~ Justin

"If you take band, you won’t look back and you won’t regret it. You’ll have so many great memories and friends, and you I’ll take the experiences with you for the rest of your life. You’ll be a part of something great." ~Holly

"Band teaches you to take something and really make it your own." ~Jason

"Band is not only a great class because of all the new friends you make, but also because you learn valuable skills in using your instrument. I have a blast reading different pieces of music and our teacher, Mr. Panoff, makes playing our instrument fun." ~Nick
I’ve been in band since 5th grade & it has made my high school experience so far very enjoyable. The friends you make are unforgettable. You always have a sense of family and the music you create is amazing" ~ Sarah

"It looks very good on a college application for extra curricular activities, the trips are more fun than middle school trip; we go to Florida, etc. The people you meet in band can be life long friends."~ Stephanie

"Band is awesome because everyone becomes like your extended family. You spend so much time with them & I know that personally most of my closest friends are in band" ~Chelsea

"Band makes high school so much easier. It gives you an early

introduction to the school & a place to belong." ~ Jack

"Joining band really helped me become accustomed to high school; now all my best friends are in band. Without band I would not know some of the great people I know now." ~ Julie
"Band is one of the most satisfying activities you can do in High School" ~ Rebecca

"Band is a place where you learn valuable  lessons and you make many strong, lasting  friendships." ~ Chelsea
"Band is a great release from the stress of other classes.  It gives students time to be creative  and express one’s self by way of music." ~ Carly

"It looks good when you are looking for a college, we have a lot of fun trips and we have a really good director" ~Paula

"Band is like cake, you always want more" ~Alex

"Band definitely taught me time management and responsibility. Keeping up with band requirements and homework and other school stuff made me a stronger person! Plus, you gain friends and you need that as a freshman." ~Seher

"Because music is like the icing of this world and to make it only makes it sweeter." ~ Darrell
"Band helps you meet people who are not just in your

grade. I play a sport and I can still be in band and it

does not interfere with sport practices or games." ~Kimberly

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